Happy 2-2 Much Day!!!

It is 12:04 am on Thursday, February 2.
Sadly, I was reminded just one minute too late that yesterday’s date was in fact 2-1. 2-1! It’s amazing! 2-1…all you campers know what that means!

Thank you, Sarah, for realizing this wonderful fact, Sonia for telling me to read Sarah’s blog (albeit a little too late to take full advantage of 2-1 Day), and for Dan Blair consoling us with the fact that today is now 2-2 Much Day!

Sarah, you must come back soon so we can make our “reality” show. With Dan Blair living next door, it is the perfect setting for it. Now all we need is to get a certain Brian Reames down from Cal Poly and our little quartet will be complete….


2 thoughts on “Happy 2-2 Much Day!!!

  1. Brittany February 8, 2006 / 10:37 pm

    hmm, never dawned on my that way. nice.

  2. sarah b. February 11, 2006 / 6:55 am

    It definitely donned on me.

    I'm all about the mockumentary. Bring it!

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