In recent news….

Another year, another semester. I’m kind of weird, but I actually like the first day of school. Everyone’s back from vacation, the cafeteria’s open, the bookstore is jam packed, and it’s just all so wonderful.

Don’t worry, I’ll get over it by Friday.

As first days go, this one wasn’t bad, though a little stressful in the beginning. The class I thought was on Wednesdays turned out to be on Mondays at 12:30, and I conveniently discovered this at about 12:28. But that class ended up being cancelled, so I got my free afternoon that I had anticipated– after I stressed out trying to get to my class on time. is my new favorite webite. Forget the SDCC bookstore and it’s hiked up prices… I’m going with skeeterboy38 from Wisconsin to get me my book on persuasion theory. Speaking of, I sold my first book last week– my geography workbook from freshman year, conveniently retailed at about $31.99. Thank you, Andrew Ornee from Zeeland, Michigan– I had you in mind that semester as I took careful pains not to mark in that book.

Well, all’s quiet here in good ol’ Apartment 11. Sonia’s in her room doing homework. I’m in my room not doing anything terribly productive. And who knows where Mandy is. Ahhh… the last peaceful day before all hell breaks loose for that little thing we all know and love….


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