Morning devos

Last night as I lamented to my roommates the burden of reading through Leviticus in my Chronoligical Bible, and pondering whether God would disapprove of, you know, skimming the section, rather than reading it thoroughly, Sonia suggested I drudge up a commentary to aid in the understanding of the random regulations and tiresome toils that the book is known for.

This morning, I took her up on her idea. As I did my devotions, I cross referenced with the Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible, and it is my NEW BEST FRIEND.

It all makes sense now… dietary restrictions, uncleanliness, the whole shebang. All this time, I thought all those rules probably had some purpose, but I wasn’t really sure how it all fit into the plan of salvation or even the plan for the Israelites, other than to just… make them obey.

I am now a happy camper.


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