M&M Poker Night

Last night, Sonia, Aaron, Donald, Darrin, and I played Texas Hold ’em using m&ms as poker chips. It was great fun. We dumped out three bags– one plain, one peanut, and one peanut butter, and divied up the candies by color. Then we had all the leftovers in the community bucket, where all night long we picked out the plain ones to trade for the peanut or peanut butter in our own piles. Let’s just say by the end of it, we were all feeling kind of sick. Darrin opted out early, eating a handful of his pile and dumping the rest in the bucket. Aaron went all in on a crummy hand and lost to Sonia. So for the final showdown, Sonia, Donald, and I went all in and held our breaths as Aaron flipped over the five cards. My roomie ended up winning, and she gathered all the m&m’s toward her in glee- it was a fun night. Sonia and I took pictures the entire time, to the mocking of Aaron and Donald, even though when we were at the beach earlier all I heard from Donald and Darrin was, “I wish I had a camera!” Donald defended himself with, “Yeah, but that was the ocean- this is m&m’s!”


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