Adventures with my Roomie… Vol. II

Well, this was meant to be written Monday night, but I just did not get around to it.

I don’t know how it happened exactly. I think I was sitting in bed reading or something, when my roomie comes in and says, “Hey, dude, I think I found a stand for the TV.” Interest piqued, I set down my book to hear more. “Yeah, I just found it,” she says. “It’s over by the dumpster. Come with me right now.”

So we make a ten at night visit to the dumpster. And not the dumpster on our side, mind you. The one on the other side. And we had to be sneaky and go the long way around, “so nobody will see us,” according to my roomie. Cause, you know, when I see two people walking to the dumpster at ten at night, my first thought is, “They’re obviously up to no good.”

So we get to the dumpster (all sneaky like, looking over our shoulders and stuff), and there it is, this glorious cabinet that could easily hold that monstrous TV. It doesn’t even look bad. It’s just wedged in between the dumpster and the cement wall. So we’re thinking, heck yes, we have a TV stand now! Sonia starts to pull the thing out… and the top snaps off.

Oh, well. We figure, that’s easily fixed, as we tug it out some more. Then one of the sides collapses.

We trudged back to Apartment 11 a little disappointed, but in good spirits due to the adventurous bonding time we had. (And on the way back, we passed the pool and some guys in the jacuzzi whistled at us… we just laughed… and took another route back home.)


3 thoughts on “Adventures with my Roomie… Vol. II

  1. Anonymous September 24, 2005 / 5:05 am

    hahaha, you just had to throw in the jacuzzi guys, huh? That's too bad about the cabinet, I'm sure you'll find one soon. You two have a way of finding things in odd places…
    Sincerely, Anne J. Keber

  2. sarah b. September 30, 2005 / 3:07 am


  3. Anonymous October 7, 2005 / 6:53 pm

    college-same old, same old.

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