Alliteration 101 with Daniel Duncan…

…who happens to have a very alliterative name himself. Today in PR writing class, we were instructed to band together for the common good and write a joint press release on good ol’ San Diego. Not quite sure what to do, the seven of us (six girls and Daniel Duncan) assembled around a common table and tried to get creative.

Daniel, being the student body president type that he is, assumed charge quickly. His suggestion? S words (no giggles here, please) — make our entire release as alliterative as possible. So S words were thrown out all over the place– sun, surf, sandals, sky, sand, stores, surfers, snowboards, sneakers, sunsets– anything and everything beginning with ‘s’ (for those of you who still don’t understand what alliteration is).

Daniel was clearly in his element here. As each new word was brought up, his eyes would light up as he frantically tried to scribble them all down.

When he wanted to contrast everything anti-San Diego with C words (for cold) we had to stop him.

Sadly, our S words will not make it to the finalized press release….


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