Hero of the Day

Things were looking quite dismal for awhile over here at Apartment 11. As Sonia and I both discovered on Saturday, the showers in this place are horrible. I’m talking worse than the wagon bathrooms for all you camp people out there. I’m talking you can’t even feel the water on your head kind of bad water pressure. We were not digggin’ it. We hated this shower so much that we actually did not take showers for the past couple of days, just because the thought of it made us bitter.
Speaking of bitter, enter Jig. Our most frequent visitor to Apartment 11 decided yesterday to take it upon himself to fix our shower. And fix it he did, people. We’re talking close to tipi shower pressure here. It is amazing. Absolutely wonderful. He even put on a new shower head for us.
Thanks, Jig. You’ve made our daily hygeinic routines much more pleasant.


One thought on “Hero of the Day

  1. Anonymous September 13, 2005 / 6:34 pm

    That was close, things were starting to stink around here.:)

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