Disneyland Pics

The words that make you a child again….

This lovely picture of Justin came about in line at Space Mountain. He didn’t want to embrace the wonderfulness of wearing his complimentary 50th anniversary micky mouse ears, so in a ploy thought up by Justin #2 and, I believe, Michael and Jesse, we managed to get the ears on him, and take a picture. How was this accomplished? Well, it all went down in about three seconds when I handed him my backpack so I could lean down and “tie my shoe.” With his hands now full, Justin #2 could place the ears on his head, Jesse took the picture, and the ears were gone by the time I stood back up. Sorry, Justin, it’s not a very flattering picture. 😉

Above: Mickey Mouse climbs the Matterhorn to plant the official 50th anniversary flag atop the mountain. After the corny dialogue that went on between him and Minnie (in which they did indeed kiss and profess undying love for one another), the announcer in true Disney fashion, encouraged us to encourage the mouse and began chanting “Go, Mickey, go!” All the little kids and parents around us joined in, and it was all oh so cute, I started the video camera. Then I focused the video camera in on the guys, who were chanting along with the beat: “Jump, Mickey, jump!”

Below left: a look down Main Street at the beginning of the day, with everyone wearing their Mickey ears

Below right: we break for lunch at the Corner Coke where we feasted on foot-long hot dogs that cost each of us our first and second born…. We had to leave Gwen there.


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