It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it

If one more person cracks a joke about me sitting at the pool for five hours of my day, I might kick them.

Seriously, people, you try to watch your blasted kids all day and not fall asleep!
(Thanks for the great word, Jenna– blasted)

Note to Lotus: you’re one of my favorite AGO guys now. That joke you cracked on Friday was awesome!
Note to Jig: I am determined to be your friend this summer despite your intense bitterness. And Dodge is the one who added up the points on Friday, not me, get over it, Eastwood beat you.
Note to Frijole: I miss you at the pool, dude. It was fun playing in the water with you while the kids ate lunch.
Note to Ping: I always thought you were the loyal one. My perceptions of the trustworthy AGO are beginning to change P.S. I already miss the Nicks
Note to Adelaide: Bring a CD player this week!!!! I’m going crazy!!!!

Note to Boston: I didn’t have the kids tackle you five times in a row. I did the first one, and Sassy continued the other four. But in all fairness, he did it to protect my honor after you soaked me three times. I’m sorry, but you deserved it.

Note to Fess: I had four cards of a straight in my hand when you made us quit our texas hold ’em game at Friday lunch. The next card was the 6 I needed. That would have been my first straight….
Note to Hurricane: I’ve come up with a new nickname for him.


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