Today’s thoughts

Guess what, guys?

Yesterday, when I was doing my laundry and searching through my “summer” clothes, I found sixteen Subway stamps in the pocket of my pants. Exactly enough for one more free foot long sandwich before Subway stamps are no more. I wanted to keep the cards and frame them or something (good times), but the Subway guy already thinks I’m weird enough, so I let him take them. I did tell him the story of the finding of said Subway stamps, though, and I got a smile out of him. (That’s two now, in like a year). Today was a good day.

PS- at camp, when I have to remember what meds to give kids, i associate them with how they take their medicine (see xanga entry)– ya know, peanut butter boy and yogurt girl. I wonder if I am known as the “wheat and turkey girl” at Subway….


4 thoughts on “Today’s thoughts

  1. thesmallblondeone May 20, 2005 / 4:58 am

    No! We can get like a buck sixty off a sandwich for those things!

  2. justinpaulgibson May 21, 2005 / 7:08 pm

    Too late. Besides, I won't give them to you until after they expire…

  3. Lady Liberty May 23, 2005 / 8:12 pm

    Have you tried putting the southwest chipotle steak sauce on turkey and wheat? its really good!

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