We claim this structure for GSS…

In an ironic twist of events, it has just been announced that the Maha-rajah (spelling of said word not necessarily correct) has been taken from the camp mafia and redistributed to none other than the girl support staff. That’s right, Godfather. That’s right, High Priest. You can just move your stuff back to the guy’s dorm.

Wyatt’s got to be having a fit right now.

Sadly, the Maha-rajah is not equipped with bathroom facilities as our wonderful little hotel was, but at least it won’t get chockingly hot at night in the spacious two-bedroom apartment we will soon find ourselves in. And it is very close to the teepee bathrooms, which are the cleanest and have the most water pressure. And more than one of us will get to take a shower before the water goes cold. That’s definitely a plus- no more shower rotation! I’m thinking we should figure out some way to easily brush our teeth from this place for people like Sonia and I who have to brush our teeth a million times a day.

Let’s also arm it with air soft guns in case they try to retake it. You just never know about this mafia.


3 thoughts on “We claim this structure for GSS…

  1. Lady Liberty May 14, 2005 / 4:43 am

    Well I think I am GSS this summer. Horray for the Maha-rajha!!! Oh, just don't jump out the back door!

  2. Anonymous May 17, 2005 / 3:32 am

    What?!?! You're turning into an SS? What other counselor am I going to be able to plot beautiful prankings with? Without you, my chances of getting it hard from those silly boys increases.
    And Jordan…One day you and and Sonia are going to wear the enamel off your teeth! Brush with caution.
    Sincerely, Anne. J. Keber “Alsas”

  3. Anonymous May 17, 2005 / 4:45 am

    Dearest Anne,
    I am not sure if I am turning SS. According to camp I am “horse lady” but they don't have another so if they don't find one when camp starts, you will have your beloved partner in crime back. (You will still have her even if she is a SS, once criminals, always…)

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