Justin Paul Gibson

A.K.A– “Gibby”, “Gibster”, anything else that starts with “Gib-“, “Justin #2”

Ah, where do I start with this one. If he looks scared in his picture, don’t be fooled. He just refuses to take a normal picture. There are no pictures of him simply smiling. But oh well. Justin #2 is one of the twelve, and an original at that. Though he used to be shy, he is known for tormenting random strangers (like BJ’s waitresses and girls at superbowl parties) but his somewhat sarcastic and confrontational attitude is completely in fun; if you do it back to him, you are an instant friend, and you will find that he is one himself.

“I’m better than you.”– Justin Gibson


One thought on “

  1. Lady Liberty February 23, 2005 / 6:37 am

    Hmm I have seen none of these attributes that you label on this one you call Justin #2. YEAH RIGHT!

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